Records of the Nagasaki Atomic Bombing and Wartime Damage



    Geographical Features
    The Early History of Nagasaki
    Nagasaki under Direct Government Control
    Red Seal Ships, National Isolation and the Anti-Christian Edict
    The Great Fire of 1663 and the Period of Rebuilding
    Establishment of the Nagasaki Naval Training Institute and the Nagasaki Iron Foundry
    The Modernization of Nagasaki
    Nagasaki as a Fortified Zone
    Inauguration as a Municipality
    From Trade Port to Shipbuilding Center
    The Second City Expansion
    Urban Planning and the Development of Urakami
    Nagasaki City under Wartime Administration

Part 1
World War II

Section 1
Nagasaki and the Second Sino-Japanese War

Chapter 1
The Wartime Regime

1. National Spiritual Mobilization Movement
2. The National Mobilization Act

Chapter 2
The Battleship Musashi

1. Seizure of the Great Northern Telegraph Company Facilities
2. The Launching of the Battleship Musashi
3. The Urakami Factory District

Section 2
Nagasaki in World War II

Chapter 1
Military Preparedness and Wartime Lifestyles

1. Nagasaki Defenses
2. The Lives of Citizens
3. Reorganization of the Business Sector and Mobilization of School Children
4. The Collection of Metals

Chapter 2
Air Defense Measures

1. The Establishment of the Nagasaki City Defense Department and Plans for Air Defense
2. Air Defense Installations and Countermeasures
3. Air-raid Shelters
4. Evacuations and the Dispersion of Facilities and Supplies

Chapter 3
Nagasaki under the Threat of Air Raids

1. Preparations for a Showdown
2. Defense Measures for Nagasaki City
3. Air Raids Prior to the Atomic Bombing
4. The Lives of Citizens (Part 2)