For this preliminary release of the English version of the work in question, the translation was conducted according to the following standards. We ask you to understand in advance that alterations may be made from time to time to this version as further editorial revisions are undertaken.

1. While proceeding with the basic goal of providing a translation that accurately reflects the original source material, efforts are also being made to employ terms and expressions that will help make the contents more accessible to non-Japanese readers who may not be familiar with specific details of Japanese culture and history, especially those relating to Nagasaki. For this reason, in some instances additional explanatory descriptions have been added to the original source material.

2. In accordance with our aim of providing a translation that will meet academic standards, material excerpted from other sources will be cited in detail, in as much as this is possible. (For this reason, footnotes not found in the original work may appear in the English version.)

3. All terms are written as they appear in the American lexicon. (The proper noun World War I, for example.)