Testimonial materials of atomic bombing experiences

We are collecting testimonial materials of atomic bombing experiences.

The National Peace Memorial Halls for the Atomic Bomb Victims collect testimonial materials of atomic bombing experiences in order to convey to as many people as possible the disastrous effects of the bombings.

Testimonial materials submitted to the Memorial Hall will be

  1. put on display in the Library/Reference Area, allowing visitors to peruse print versions
  2. uploaded on the display monitors in the Library/Reference Area that visitors use to search for information about the atomic bombings and written records of people’s experiences
  3. used at the exhibitions and public readings regularly held at the Memorial Hall


We are interested in receiving the following testimonial materials on the atomic bombings

  1. Notes, diaries, letters or other documents about the experiences of those who suffered the atomic bombing of Nagasaki or Hiroshima.
  2. Commemorative memoirs written by relatives and friends of people directly affected by the bombing.
  3. Books or pamphlets that contain materials outlined in ① and ② above.

There are no restrictions on date of writing, format (hand-written, type-written, typed on a word processor or photocopied) or type of paper (manuscript paper, letter paper, notepad or other).

How to make a submission

Please call +81-(0)95-814-0055 (ask for the person in charge of written records), or use the inquiry form.

Copying photos and sentences without permission is prohibited.

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