Hiroshima Nagasaki Atomic Bomb Exhibition

Backgrounds of the Atomic Bomb Exhibition

To realize the purposes above, we have hosted and held the Atomic Bomb Exhibition every year since 2005 which was the 60th anniversary of the atomic bombing over Hiroshima and Nagasaki.



ベトナム ドイツ アメリカ合衆国 カザフスタン ニュージーランド アイスランド ロシア トルコ オランダ マレーシア ベルギー スペイン

History of Exhibition

Year 2017
Country Vietnam
City Hanoi
Venue University of Social Sciences and Humanities – Vietnam National University, Hanoi
Period 9/25~11/5
Year 2016
Country Germany
City Dresden
Venue Kraftwerk Mitte Kunsthalle
Period 9/21~10/30
U.S.A.(2005, 2006, 2015)
Year 2005
Country U.S.A.
City Chicago
Venue Peace Museum
Period 5/6~8/14
Year 2006
Country U.S.A.
City Las Vegas
Venue Atomic Testing Museum
Period 8/5~8/27
Year 2015
Country U.S.A.
City Saint Paul
Venue Landmark Center
Period 8/22~11/28
Year 2014
Country Kazakhstan
City Astana
Venue Independence Palace
Period 8/6~8/25 
Year 2014
Country Kazakhstan
City Semey
Venue History and Regional Study Museum
Period 8/29~9/3
Year 2014
Country Kazakhstan
City Almaty
Venue Central State Museum
Kazakh Economic University
Period 9/10~9/19, 9/20~10/6
New Zealand(2013)
Year 2013
Country New Zealand
City Auckland
Venue St. Paul St. Gallery Ⅲ,Auckland University of Technology


Year 2013
Country New Zealand
City Wellington
Venue Central Library
Period 1/24~2/9,
Republic of Iceland(2012)
Year 2012
Country Republic of Iceland
City Reykjavik
Venue Reykjavik City Library
Iceland University
Period 8/9~9/13, 9/18~10/9
Year 2012
Country Republic of Iceland
City Akureyri
*The exhibition was additionally held in Akureyri in cooperation with the Memorial Hall.
Venue Hof Cultural and Conference Center, Akureyri
Period 10/13~10/29
Year 2011
Country Russia
City St-Petersburg
Venue St-Petersburg Medical Academy of Postgraduate Studies
Period 8/29~10/28
* This exhibition was cosponsored by the Turkey Embassy of Japan in Turkey and the Memorial Hall.
Year 2010
Country Turkey
City Ankara
Venue Cer Modern Museum
Period 10/17~11/7
Year 2010
Country Turkey
City Istanbul
Venue Consulate-General of Japan in Istanbul
Period 11/2~12/12
Year 2010
Country Holland
City Over loon
Venue Liberty Park
Period 6/1~10/2
Year 2009
Country Malaysia
City Kuala Lumpur
Venue University of Malaya, Museum of Asian art
Period 8/21~11/14
Year 2008
Country Belgium
City Antwerp
Venue Vredescentrum
Period 10/2~12/12
Year 2007
Country Spain
City Guernica
Venue Guernica Peace Museum
Period 6/27~9/9



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