Floor map

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Upper level

1. Main Entrance

Displayed here is a message engraved in four languages; Japanese, English, Korean and Chinese.

2. Sculpted Basin


This basin is filled with the water craved by those who lost their lives in the atomic bombing. In the evening it is illuminated by around 70,000* fiber-optic lights that shine in remembrance of the victims. Upon entering the facility grounds, visitors proceed counter-clockwise around the basin (symbolically taking them back to 1945, the year of the atomic bombing). This is intended to calm the minds of visitors before they pay their respects.
* 70,000 is the estimated number of those who died in the bombing as of the end of December 1945.


1. Memoir Exhibition Corner

A selection of atomic bombing memoirs donated by bombing survivors, family members or acquaintances are made available here.
The Collected Memoirs on the Atomic Bombing (published by the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare)
The Collected Memoirs of the Atomic Bombings, volumes of memoirs on the atomic bombings gathered during the investigations on the circumstances faced by bombing victims conducted by the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare in the years 1995, 2005 and 2015, are maintained by the National Peace Memorial Halls for the Atomic Bomb Victims. These extremely valuable hand-written records are only available for viewing at the two memorial halls.

2. The hallway on level B1

Photographs with reminiscences of the atomic bombing survivors are displayed.

3. Remembrance Hall Loft

The windows of this loft overlook the Remembrance Hall, allowing visitors to pay their respects to the deceased and say prayers for peace. Information on the Memorial Hall and its functions are also introduced.


1. Information Desk

Visitors may inquire here about matters such as suggested routes around the building. Memorial Hall pamphlets in 18 different languages are also provided.
*Wheelchairs and baby strollers (two of each) are available for those who require them.

2. Library/Reference Area

Visitors may peruse a variety of written materials related to the atomic bombings, such as memoirs and written records of atomic bombing experiences. Display terminals allow visitors to search the names and photographs of atomic bombing victims registered at the Memorial Hall and view the hall’s exclusive collection of testimonial videos.

3. Remembrance Hall Anteroom

The anteroom was designed to provide a space where visitors can collect their thoughts and prepare to enter the Remembrance Hall itself. LCD monitors display the names and photographs of all the victims registered at the Memorial Hall.
You can use the accompanying search devices to check the time that a certain name and photograph will appear on the monitor, as well as its position on the screen.

4. Remembrance Hall

This is where the list of names of the atomic bombing victims registered at the memorial hall is enshrined. The registry shelf itself lines up in the direction of the atomic bombing hypocenter.
Number of victims registered at the Nagasaki Memorial Hall: 195,607
Number of registry books: 199 (as of August 9, 2023)

5. Peace Information Corner 1

Audio/video presentations of atomic bombing testimonials are showcased here, including the screening of visual images that accompany the narration of poems about the atomic bombings. There is also an introduction to the activities and research of those who helped develop the field of medical treatment for radiation illnesses, and additional features such as a Q&A on radiation.

Atomic bombing Testimonials
Excerpts from the hall’s collection of diaries, memoirs and audio/visual materials may be viewed on display panels or in loose-leaf binders.

Information on medical treatment for radiation illnesses
Information is provided here on research efforts and medical treatments for atomic bombing survivors, and medical efforts to treat victims of radiation accidents. There is also a Q&A feature on radiation and the people and events in the history of medical treatment for radiation illnesses. Also available is information on citizen groups, international organizations, peace-related facilities and medical facilities working to ensure that the catastrophe of the atomic bombings is never repeated.

Atomic Bombing Poetry Theater
The narration of poetry about the atomic bombings is accompanied by a visual display consisting of related photographs, video images and computer graphics.

6. Peace Information Corner 2

Messages for Peace
Using pictures or words, visitors may compose messages conveying their own feelings about peace on computer monitors or cards. Messages are kept on file for 10 years.

Peace Information Cards
Visitors may view a selection of cards with the names and descriptions of peace-related facilities and organizations in Japan and overseas and take home any they are interested in.

7. The Lounge

The lounge area fronts onto a quietly-flowing waterfall and a garden pond full of water. The Lounge itself is the focal point for the international cooperation and exchange features particular to the Nagasaki Peace Memorial Hall and serves as the venue for public readings and international and peace-related symposiums. In May of each year, the scrolls containing the names of the victims of the atomic bombing are taken from the registry shelf in the Remembrance Hall and brought here to be aired out.


Regarding photography at the Memorial Hall

Unless there is a sign specifically prohibiting photography or filming, pictures or video may be taken for personal reasons. (No application forms are necessary.) However, photographs or video may not be taken of display items which show specific individuals, such as pictures of deceased atomic bombing victims. Furthermore, tripods, flashes and other equipment which may impede the viewing of others are not allowed.
Any reproduction or distribution of photographs or video for commercial purposes is not permitted. In the case of photography or filming for publication or broadcast, please submit a registration form.
If you have any questions, please ask a staff member.

Copying photos and sentences without permission is prohibited.

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