Holding peace memorial services in the Remembrance Hall

Holding peace memorial services in the Remembrance Hall

A registry list of the names of atomic bombing victims is enshrined in the Remembrance Hall.
It is possible to hold peace memorial services in the Remembrance Hall.
The Remembrance Hall is a place to quietly contemplate the things you have learned about Nagasaki’s experience of the atomic bombing and to nurture prayers for peace.
As the Remembrance Hall is indoors, services will not be affected by weather conditions.

Applying to hold peace memorial services

  • Those wishing to hold peace memorial services must first submit an application.
  • Please fill in and sign a Remembrance Hall Usage Application/Approval Form and send it by fax (095-814-0056) or by mail.
  • Upon confirmation of the application content, the Approval Form will be faxed or mailed to the school (or applying organization).
  • During busy times of the year, including periods when school trips are often being conducted, it is advisable to telephone in advance to inquire about the availability of the Remembrance Hall (095-814-0055).
  • Please note that provisional bookings are not accepted by telephone.

Please note the following points:

  • We ask that services not exceed 30 minutes as the space is also used by other people.
  • Space is available for a maximum of 120 persons per group (please enquire about what arrangements can be made if group numbers exceed the maximum).
  • Flash photography is not permitted.
  • The use of open flames (including incense and candles, etc.) and musical instruments (melodicas, recorders, etc.) is not permitted.

Download the Remembrance Hall Usage Application

Overview of peace memorial services

The Remembrance Hall

Registry Shelf enshrining the names of the atomic bombing victims

An offering of folded paper cranes

Making pledges for peace and observing a moment of silence

Procedure for using the Remembrance Hall

①Information desk

Come to the B2F information desk five minutes before your scheduled appointment. Please understand that depending on the number of visitors on the day, it may be necessary to wait for a short while.
②Remembrance Hall Anteroom

Please enter the anteroom before proceeding to the Remembrance Hall. Here you can view the names and photographs of the atomic bomb victims. When instructed by staff members, please quietly make your way into the Remembrance Hall.
③Remembrance Hall

Example of a typical peace memorial service

  1. Opening comments
  2. Pledge to uphold peace
  3. Song of peace
  4. Moment of silence
  5. Closing comments
④Exiting the Remembrance Hall After your memorial service has concluded, please exit the Hall quietly.

If you have any questions about applying to use the Remembrance Hall for peace memorial services, please contact us using the contact details below.

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