Assistance with writing about atomic bombing experiences

Some people wish to document memories of the atomic bombing but find it difficult to put their thoughts down in writing. In cases such as these, the Memorial Hall will provide dictation services, listening to spoken accounts and producing written compositions from them. We await applications from people wishing to take advantage of this service.

1. Those who are eligible

People living in Nagasaki Prefecture who experienced the atomic bombing and wish to leave a written record but find it difficult to do so themselves.

2. How to apply

Application form(Download)

Please complete the application form on the back of the leaflet (this can be done by someone else on behalf of the applicant), and mail, fax or deliver it in person to the address below.

3. Timetable after application

  1. Scheduling the day for dictation
  2. Selecting a site (the applicant’s home, the Memorial Hall or another location)
  3. Conducting dictation (between one to two hours)
  4. Proofreading the composition
  5. Final procedures (registration and maintenance at the Memorial Hall)

Providing dictation services


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